Working the “Happiness Muscle”

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I often think that world would be a much nicer place if people just said Thankyou, or gave a wave when you let them in front of you in their car, or a simple friendly smile to a stranger passing in the street. And apparently, I’m not alone in thinking this. I just came across this website that promotes simple exercises you can do every say to increase your happiness without leaving the comfort of your chair (sounds like my kind of exercise).

The exercises start with simple happiness “warm ups” – saying Thankyou, stretching and breathing and complimenting people. They then go through from Level 1 to Level 3 of working the “happiness muscle” to various degrees, with the toughest exercises being things like “Love Proactively” and “Embrace Uncertainty”.

Some of the exercises seemed easy to me and I already practice then everyday (I’m a big fan of saying thankyou), but some of them seemed like they would be quite difficult and a big stretch from my usual routine. The author encourages you to try the different exercises, focusing on one a day and sticking with them even when they seem like a lot of work. But I guess working at your happiness is something we all need to do, even when it seems hard.

So check out the site, and try some of the exercises, and make sure you let us know how you go- Which ones you tried, which ones were hard and which were easy, and which exercises actually made you happier. I’m going to start with a warm up exercise and practice it for the rest of the day. I think I’ll try “Looking Around”, who knows, maybe I’ll see something amazing!

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