Work and Play- Blurring the Line

 In Happiness, Quote

“The supreme accomplishment is to blur the line between work and play.”
Arnold Toynbee

As it’s Friday, (the day when work becomes play!) I thought I would share this quote with you! What do you think about the difference between work and play? Can the line between the two be blurred? I think that blurring the line between the two is only good if you make your work more playful (I don’t think I’d want to make my play more like work!). What do you think? Would you like to blur the line between the two in your life?

It is well within our power to blur the line between work and play this, in fact, it’s quite easy! All you need to do is change your perspective, through controlling your thoughts. Instead of thinking about all the things you don’t like about your job, focus on its positive aspects- like the way it provides for us economically, makes us feel useful and enables us to contribute to something bigger than ourselves. Focusing on the positives, and the long-term payoff that working provides allows us to move towards greater opportunities, rather than being stuck in a rut of discontentment!

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