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A friend of the Thrive team emailed something in today that really made us all smile, and we just had to share it with you. Check it out and be as inspired as we are. James, we love your style, keep it up!

Take a smile

About a week ago I was bolting through Central Station in Sydney to get to a meeting. I had seen someone that was homeless on 3 prior occasions of me whisking through the front of the station. The first time I saw them, I stopped and asked if I could buy them something to eat. He said “No” after he stared at me with hollow eyes. I raised my eyebrows and let out “well okay then” as I strolled off. The next 2 times I passed him, I asked him if he wanted some money, as I offered him a $10 note the first time and a $20 note the second time. He did not even reply to me- only gave me a blank stare and then gazed off back into the distance.

After neglecting Luke for about 3 weeks now regarding writing something about what makes you happy, I had time to sit down for 10 minutes and reflect on what happened last Monday and again, it made me smile and made me happy.

I was flying by this homeless man again. With his camping bag and blanket staged out, I stopped. I put my backpack down and sat down in front of him. I said, “Hi, my name is James. What’s yours?” and he just stared at me. I said “I have a task for you. I need your help. Can you help me?” He scoured at me “Help! Let me tell you about blood help. I’ve been to every shelter in Sydney and I’ve been on the streets for nearly 3 months. Help you, you say… argghhh!”

I said calmly to him “I’m sorry, I didn’t catch your name?” and he scoffed back “Mike- what’s it to ya? Ya some undercover (explicit word) trying to see if I got something illegal to hide?? Check me bag mate do whatcha wanna do, but I’d like it if you’d just piss off!”.

I smiled at him and said “Hi Mike. I’m James. I’m really in a bit of a pickle now and I really do need some help. Please hear me out as I know you are a prideful man and you can earn some money by helping me with one small task.” He grunted “What kind of task? I’m not delivering anything for ya mate!” I replied back to him, “No Mike, I’ve had a pretty stressful morning, and I’ve been looking for a smile to make me happy. I have smiled at several people this morning passing by and I haven’t even had a smile back. I’ll pay you $20 for a smile.”

He was hunched over in a sitting position and he raised up and said “Whattttt? What kind of fruitcake are you I swear you’re (explicit word) crazy I can tell ya that!” and then it happened… he smiled. Actually he laughed. Then I laughed at him and he laughed at me laughing. I immediately stood up and slung my backpack over my shoulder and dug into my pocket. I pulled out a $50 note and threw it down in front of him and raced off laughing as quickly as I could, saying, “Thanks for the smile and the laugh Mike, you made my day!”

Random acts of kindness always make me smile. I didn’t care why he smiled or why he laughed, just as long as he did. Thinking that I was a nutjob was just the trick.

I encourage others to do the same. I also encourage others to Thrive with happiness.

Written By James Wester


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