What does your Facebook photo say about you?

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You can certainly learn a lot about someone by looking at their Facebook page- what they like, their interests, where they work, where they went to school and even what languages they speak. I know that whenever I want to know more about someone, the first place I look is their Facebook page. Of course, the photos published on your Facebook page say a lot about you as well. For example, having a quick look through my photos will let you know that I enjoy wine and picnics (and seem to end up wearing ridiculous hats more often than I care to admit!). However, according to a recently published study, the photo that you choose as your Facebook display pic says more about you than previously thought.

Turns out, this one photo can indicate how satisfied you are with your life, as well as predict your future happiness! So choose wisely everybody!

The study looked at “Smile Intensity” in the Facebook photos of a group of University students, by measuring the intensity of action in two groups of facial muscles – one that elicits raised cheeks, and another that raises the corners of the mouth. It found that those students who displayed a more intense smile in their Facebook photo reported higher levels of life satisfaction, both at the start of their University career, as well as at the close, three and a half years later. These results were repeated in a study of a separate group of students, and reflect the results of various other studies looking at the intensity of smile in Yearbook and sports photos, and life satisfaction over a period of time.

So next time you’re choosing your Facebook photo, remember it may indicative of how satisfied you are with your life, and how happy you will be in the future.

I guess what I’m trying to say is… Smile Big Everyone!!!!


To read more about this study and other smile related studies, check out this article: http://www.miller-mccune.com/culture/facebook-profile-pics-predict-future-happiness-37151/

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