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We have officially kicked off today and we have our first sponsor on board, thank you SureSlim!

Our Facebook page will be sorted out by tomorrow and we intend to start posting happiness inspiring content tomorrow.

Here is what we are about (taken from the about Thrive page)…

The Thrive Happiness Movement was formed out of a casual discussion between some regular guys (some who happen to live in the Sutherland Shire, Australia).  From our shared interest in positive psychology and the natural God given power that is in every human being, we believe it is within all of us to take control of our destiny and create happiness in our own lives. And as a natural side effect the happiness we choose for ourselves will inspire others to choose the same and on and on it will go, ultimately changing our world.

After much study on the subject I believe happiness is a not a “when I gain or achieve X, then I will be happy” thing, rather it is an “I choose to be happy right now” thing. It is the journey, not the destination. Happiness is a magnet for positive experiences and by simply taking positive action and being happy you will attract those things you have set your mind to achieve. The more you practice happiness actions, the quicker it will become a habit and you’ll be naturally happy for no reason at all. Imagine that.

What we intend for Thrive is happiness inspiring content (user submitted, authored by us, or just plain found) including:

  • Daily Happiness posts
  • Videos
  • Photos
  • Blog posts
  • Happiness Book Reviews
  • Happiness Actions and exercises
  • Articles and News pieces (local and global)
  • Member contributions
  • Member of the week
  • Sponsor Giveaways
  • Flash Happiness Mob Events
  • And more…

Of course, a happiness movement is not a happiness movement without you. So we would love you to contribute your ideas and shape Thrive to make it infectious!  I look forward to your involvement.

Our world happens to be the Shire, so we are starting there. Once we have it right at home our goal is to spread the happiness worldwide.

Happiness starts with you!


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