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We are a good way through building a happiness app. It will launch as a website (formatted for mobiles) and will become a free iPhone & android app once we smooth out any kinks.

So what is it exactly and how do you use it?

Great question, let me explain. We believe it takes 30 days to create a habit, so we’ve decided to put this theory to the test with our 30 day happiness challenge.

What this means basically is we think 30 consecutive days of intentional acts of happiness will create a habit of happiness in you. The obvious benefits are that you will be happier and will have developed practices that you can do daily to maintain this boost from your happiness baseline.


Here’s how we it will work.

You’ll register through Facebook. We do this for two reasons: one, it’s easy; and two, we want to use the power of public testimony to help you. When you publicly declare your intention you’re more likely to complete it. You’ll also have the option to post your successes to inspire your friends to do it too.

The challenge itself is pretty simple. Each day you will be prompted to get your next challenge. You will select your desired intensity level. At present we are thinking it will be:

“How big a dent do you want to make today?”

  1. Hammer
  2. Sledgehammer
  3. Wrecking ball

Naturally the amount of energy you’ll need to expend differs between levels, and so will the rewards (happiness, score, bragging rights, etc).

You can skip challenges you don’t like and get fresh options. Your goal is to complete one challenge per day for 30 days, but if it takes a few more days to do it that’s ok, there is no penalty, we just want to help you create a happier you!

So what do you think? Will you participate?

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  • Caroline Johnstone

    Great idea! Look forward to this coming out 🙂

  • Ellen Lambert

    Sounds like fun..I’ll give it a try. GOD BLESS YOU..GBY

    • Luke Faccini

      Thanks Ellen 🙂

  • Beverly Hill

    Captain Happiness, I accept the challenge and look forward to accomplishing this ‘possible’ mission

    • Luke Faccini

      Hey Beverly, Captain Happiness, that is funny! 🙂
      Look out for the form. Hopefully in the next 24 hours.

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