“The Happiest Woman in America”

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I’ve just read a couple of articles about a TV show that recently aired in the US called “The Happiest Woman in America”. ‘The happiest woman in America?’, I thought, ‘That’s a very big call to make! Have they really compared every single woman in the US and decided that this one lady is the “happiest”??’

The show focused on a woman named Mary Claire Orenic, a 50-year-old Manhattan Beach resident. OK so in reality, this woman is not actually the happiest woman in America, but she has almost all of the characteristics which were identified by the well-being improvement firm ‘Healthways’ as significant for the happiness of American women aged 45-55.

So what makes a happy person happy? Apparently, the following:

  • Married
  • Does meaningful work with a short commute
  • Makes more than $120,00 per year
  • Strong support network
  • Regular exercise
  • Eats lots of fruit and vegetables
  • No children under 18 living at home
  • Feels optimistic about the future

How do you fare against this checklist? I’m afraid I fail on quite a few accounts, but I still consider myself pretty happy! Although I guess some more fruit and vegetables in my diet wouldn’t go astray! 🙂

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