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Happy Monday Thrivers!

Now I know Monday morning is not always the happiest time of the week (this morning it took me a good 20 minutes to leave the comfort of my bed!) but I have something here that will cheer you up!

Have you heard of The Give a Smiley Project? Originating in Central Florida, the Give a Smiley Project is the brainchild of a man named Don Shetterly. Don was inspired to start this movement after an interaction with a store clerk who was so helpful and friendly, and had a smile so intoxicating and contagious that it turned a previously gloomy situation into a positive one. It was at this stage that Don realised the amazing power of a smile and decided to share this with the world.

The premise is simple- download some free smileys, put them in an envelope and send them in the mail to people who have touched your heart in some way, or just made your life that little bit better. The aim is to show your appreciation, and make sure that person knows that they have made a positive impact in the world. It’s also just nice to receive mail that’s not junk mail or bills!!

I love the idea of the Give a Smiley Project. It shows that you can make someone else’s day so much brighter for the cost of a postage stamp. Simple yet effective 🙂


To find out how to get involved in the Give a Smiley Project, check out the website here:

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