Spread Happiness- Give your Co-Worker an Elephant!

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Ah Monday morning, definitely not my favourite time of the week! I love my job, but being back in the office after a weekend of relaxing outdoors is not exactly conducive to happiness. Thankfully, I work in a very cheerful place, so coming in every morning isn’t a chore. To be honest, I don’t think I could handle working someplace dreary!

What’s your workplace like? Is it full of smiles and good feelings? Or does simply stepping into the building dampen your spirits?

Encouraging happiness in the workplace is beneficial not only to employees, but to the business as well. It’s true what they say- Happy Workers are Productive Workers!  I just read a post on the Delivering Happiness blog that talks about a company that is taking Happiness very seriously, in a very unserious way!

The Danish division of Valtech Software has developed an “Order of the Elephant” award, which is given to co-workers who are positive in attitude or action.

The ground rules of the award are:

  • An elephant is given to a co-worker for a good reason (i.e., having a good attitude or doing something helpful).
  • The recipient must be told why he/she has been awarded the elephant.
  • The elephant can only be kept for one week, and it must be displayed for all to see.
  • Someone is in charge of the overall elephant tracking.

What a brilliant idea!

“So, what’s up with the elephant?” I hear you ask! Well, the elephant is a Danish symbol of wealth and strength, as well as being a generally very happy creature. When meeting up with a long-absent friend, elephants are known to flap their ears, spin their bodies and trumpet like there’s no tomorrow. Now that would be an unforgettable greeting!

If you think your workplace could use a little injection of happiness, why don’t you try instating an “Order of the Elephant” or something similar? If this seems too crazy, why not try just telling your workmates how much you appreciate the nice things that they do? It’s within your power to make every environment you’re in as happy as possible, whether it be at work, home or someplace else, so go get happy!

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