Relaxing on a Sunday

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Happy Sunday Thrivers!

I thought I’d post this photo today because it perfectly encapsulates how I plan on spending my day (well maybe not lying on a log, but you get the idea!). Now don’t get me wrong, I love to get out, try new things and make the most of life. But this past week has been big, and sometimes you just need to take a day for yourself to do absolutely nothing. In my opinion, nothing is better for the soul than a good bit of R&R!

So take some time for yourself this Sunday- have a nap, paint your nails or take a stroll. It’s just what the doctor ordered 🙂

P.s. I know I’ve posted quite a few animal photos recently, but I have just recently discovered the National Geographic website’s photo section and all the animal photos are just so adorable! I promise I’ll try to ease up on the animal pics soon, but I’m the kind of person that stops in the street to play with passing dogs, so it’s not going to be easy for me!

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