Practicing Appreciation

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Do you ever take people for granted? Or do you ever feel unappreciated by others? I know I sometimes do. We often get so caught up in our own hectic schedules that we forget to let the people in our lives know just how important they are to us, affecting their happiness as well as our own.

This is a simple exercise I learnt from Marci Shimoff, that you can use with your partner, your mum or dad, or really anyone in your life whom you appreciate (but rarely show it!). This exercise is special in that you are not only showing someone else your appreciation, but you are also acknowledging the appreciation you have for yourself. Appreciating all the things we have (including ourselves) is vital to achieving happiness, so give this exercise a go!

  1. Begin by acknowledging something you appreciate about the other person (for example, “you make me laugh” or “I feel supported by you”). When you’re finished, switch roles. Go back and forth at least five times or as long as you like.
  2. Now repeat the exercise, only this time acknowledge one thing you appreciate about yourself. Then let the other person have a turn. Go back and forth at least five times or as long as you like.

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