Never Be Afraid to Dream

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As we get older, our ability to dream big diminishes. We realise that we can’t fly to the moon and that Santa Claus was just an old guy with a beard playing a role. We realise that while we dreamt of being an Olympic contender or a prima ballerina, it was a much more difficult path than we thought.

But we lose something when a nuts-and-bolts “realistic” approach on life pervades our being. We lose the ability to come up with imaginative solutions, to open the door for possibility even if the chances are slim…we stop taking flights of fancy.

Today, take some time to reflect on dreams you’ve let go because “reality” got in the way. Do you think you can no longer be a rock star because you’re too old? Well that doesn’t stop you from auditioning for a local band. Do you want to fly but realise you don’t have wings? Why not try windsurfing or jumping from a airplane (with a parachute of course!)

Bottom line: when we stop allowing room for fanciful solutions, our box of life becomes smaller and smaller.

Think imaginatively.

Think ridiculously.

Allow room for impossible solutions.

Allow room to dream big again.

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