Life doesn’t happen to you, it happens for you – part deux

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Well, it’s been a MASSIVE five months since I wrote part one of this story. First things first, the amazing co-founder of Thrive who I am honoured to call my friend, I’m now blessed to also call my husband. Yes, it is indeed magical how the universe delivers the most amazingly glorious rainbows to those who wait out the storm.


Back in September 2013 I signed off part one with;

“The universe delivers people into your life who you later see are angels and events that we later see are blessings in disguise. We don’t need to understand it, but to see the beauty in the divinity that the universe brings to us gives incredible happiness. I’m not suggesting to sit back and do nothing, but rather surrender to it, work in the direction life is leading you instead of fighting against it. Feel the joy and happiness from the feeling you are progressing vs fighting.”


At the time I must admit I didn’t know where those words were really coming from as I typed away, or just how powerful this way of looking at life was going to be for me. I knew deep down in my soul that everything that was happening in my world was for a reason. And that reason was either for the benefit of myself &/or others and would all make sense in time. I really didn’t understand the power that would come from this initial realisation and from living life through that lens each and every day since. I was in the midst of the fact I’d relocated myself to another state for a relationship that was not as it seemed, was soon to be unemployed with no career options in my new geography, and was providing palliative care nursing to my mother who is battling the final stages of cancer. I baulked at writing about happiness, I’d never ‘written’ before and questioned whether I had something worthy to contribute. I’m eternally grateful to my now eternal love for his persistence in having me… just try. The process unlocked a part of me that I either didn’t know, or had forgotten existed. And once that door opened, my appetite to understand more was insatiable.


In the last 5 months I have consumed weeks and weeks of audio books, webinars and podcasts, several books, attended classes, week long seminars and expo’s exploring this notion in more detail. What I’ve learned and continue to learn truly fascinates me and I’ve found even greater happiness, peace and joy as a direct result. The pure divinity that lies not only in the universe, but within us is just so magnificent. I think as we get caught up in the cycle of life, we lose sight of how truly remarkable we are and this world is. It’s so easy to look for the negatives, the dangers, the flaws… but a life lived like that that is not easy. By challenging ourselves to return to our essence, our divine nature, the rewards are immeasurable. The world you see and experience is completely fresh and full of opportunity, support and love. Wayne Dyer articulates it so wonderfully with ‘when you change the way your look at things, the things you look at change.’ I can certainly vouch for this. My path has taken beautiful new directions, I’ve just relocated back to Sydney (to be with my amazing husband) and kicked off my first business.


On reflection as I type away this beautiful Friday afternoon, I see this joy comes from that surrender, that feeling of growth, that I am indeed progressing in this life vs fighting in it. I have far from mastered it, there are indeed days when I find myself steering away from the path, but now I recognise when this is happening and can bring myself back.


I encourage you, as I was, to tap into that part of yourself, just start typing and see what comes out, you may just surprise yourself. I hope to read your words here on Thrive real soon.


Written by: Johanna Plowman

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  • Sean Connolly

    Great post Johanna,

    It truly is an incredible journey this funny thing called life.

    So cool that you have found your soul mate and Husband and beginning to live your amazing life!

    The Universe certainly does provide once we begin to figure out some of her secrets(Thank you Tony Robbins)

    You’re right, by getting back to ourselves and discovering who we truly are we see just how amazing this life really is. This is what I’ve been focusing on and I’m really loving the process… and I just got an amazing job offer that happened by ‘chance’. ha ha love it!

    Best wishes for your new business & your future!


    • Johanna

      Thanks Sean. Yes, feeling very very lucky and grateful to the universe for all that it continues to bring to my world 🙂

      Congratulations on taking a step into your next chapter, it sound very exciting. I’m sure you are going to rock it 🙂

      Wishing you well x

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