Happy Mum = Satisfied Kids

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As if we needed another reason to seek happiness, a recent study has revealed that a mothers happiness in her relationship is directly linked to her child’s satisfaction with life!

In a study of 40,000 UK households, children between the ages of 10 to 15 years were asked to rate how satisfied they were with their lives. In families where the mother is unhappy in her partnership, only 55 percent of young people said they are “completely happy” with their family situation compared with 73 percent of young people whose mothers are “perfectly happy” in their relationships.

Interestingly, the findings indicate that a mother’s happiness in her partnership is more important to the child than the father’s.

Another interesting (and positive) finding of the study is that, contrary to the belief that all kids want to do is play video games and watch TV, children were found to be most happy when they were interacting with their siblings or parents. Eating evening meals together as a family was also shown to increase feelings of life satisfaction within children.

We all know that being happy positively affects our own lives, but how often do we think of the effect of our happiness (or lack thereof) on the people we love? Sometimes we don’t realise how our emotions and actions can impact on others, without our even realising it!


Always remember- To strive for happiness is not a selfish pursuit! 🙂


To read more about the study, check out the article at PsychCentral:


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