Happiness, it’s a piece of cake!

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What makes you happy? We all have something that we really love doing, and that makes us truly happy. I just read an article called “Sweet Sensations: Happiness is a warm sponge”, in which the author Annie Bell discusses her love of baking, and the power that this simple activity has over her happiness. As a child, Annie heard a young woman, who used to be homeless, talk about how happy she was to have a home with a kitchen, because she can now bake whenever she wanted. She saw her eyes light up as she talked about baking, and could feel the happiness exude from her. This momentary experience inspired her own lifelong affinity with baking, and baking has become her moment of zen, a peaceful retreat from the crazy world we live in.

Of course, for me, baking is a fearsome activity, fraught with dangers like burnt edges, cakes that don’t rise (the dreaded ‘pancake cake’), cakes that rise too much (the infamous ‘cake volcano’), a kitchen covered in flour, mountains of washing up, smashed eggs and forgotten ingredients. Needless to say, baking is not my thing. Where others find peace and serenity, I see a mess-filled nightmare.

Of course, I do love the outcome of baking, cake is one of my favourite things in the world. But I think I’ll leave the baking to the experts 🙂

How do you feel about baking? Does baking make you happy?

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