Happiness In A Film Frame

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The medium of film is made to indulge on the emotion of the audience. To make them laugh, cry, scream and just smile. Personally, I grew up around cinema, my childhood consisted of as much Marty McFly traveling to the future as Jeff Goldblum fighting dinosaurs. Thinking back, I have two questions;

  1. Where the hell is Jeff? We need him.
  2. How has my life become so dependent on film?

Now that second question sounds negative, but in fact I mean it in the most positive way possible. I love movies, not because of the explosions or the cheesy one liners, but how they make people feel. And of course The Rock, who doesn’t love The Rock. I mean, people say that memories are the foundation of happiness and to an extent I agree with them. I think that memories, especially childhood memories, are what kickstarts your attitude to life and for me, movies are a great part of that.

From the first memories of my brother sneaking me in to see X-Men for the first time, to witnessing Dr. Venkman and the rest of the Ghostbusters save the day, all of these memories make me smile. It’s kind of sad though how in modern cinema, film makers have learnt to stay away from keeping the audience happy, but rather manipulate their emotions to engross them into the film just that little bit more. The worst culprit being Pixar, the company that is infamous for ripping the hearts of their audience out of their chest through their animations. Just watch the first five minutes of UP and you will agree with me.

For me, movies make me happy, every week I aim to watch four to five different films to, not only increase my knowledge of cinema, but also to let me live in my childhood just that once more. So cherish those memories you have, both the good and the bad, as they make up who you are today. For me, it was Luke Skywalker and The Breakfast Club, what is it for you?

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