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Good Morning Thrivers!

I thought I’d make the post today Short n’ Sweet, and give you six surprising ways to boost your happiness! Try one (or try them all!) and let me know if they work!

  1. Spend more time with the little people in your life: hang out with kids, nephews, nieces and grandchildren- they are an enduring source of inspiration and happiness!
  2. Take a chance: Have courage, ask for that raise! If you get it, you’ll be happier; if you don’t, you’ll see how resilient you really are.
  3. Mix it up: Don’t get stuck in a routine! Usually catch the bus to work? Try walking or riding a bike.
  4. Buy some happiness: Spend money on wisely- if you love baking, buy yourself that new mixer! Or spread some happiness, and spend money on someone else!
  5. Doodle: Next time you’re in a boring meeting or sitting on the train, let your mind wander and the creative juices flow!
  6. Take a quick getaway: research shows a weekend away makes us just as happy as a longer vacation!

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