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Happiness and it’s effect on productivity

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create your own success – it’s easy if you follow these simple steps appille.comAt the time of writing this I am part way through a great book by Shawn Achor titled “The Happiness Advantage” and I am fully engaged. This kind of science is precisely what excites me.

Be happy first and success will follow. Easy to say. So many people I know say they will be happy when they finish this, or get that, or reach this goal. For a while now I have been focusing on making it about the journey, not the destination and the studies in this book confirm this for me.

Take for the example of Doctors becoming “anchored” to their initial prognosis even in the light of new information. The simple act of receiving a piece of candy prior to the consultation (even though they weren’t allowed to eat it – to eliminate the insulin spike influence on the study), significantly reduced the anchoring effect.

This demonstrates that all we need to do in order to be more effective in our daily work, especially when it requires creative thinking, is to “start with something that makes us happy”, even if it is something tiny like candy, or a funny YouTube video if you are one to keep the sugar out of your diet. And what follows will be a better quality result. Try it today!

Be Happy Now.



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