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Five Ways to Relax in Five Minutes


“I can’t relax, I have too much to do!”

Ever find yourself pulling out your hair as you look at your to do list stretching off into the horizon? We all have moments of madness where the stress of everyday life threatens to overwhelm us. What you really need is a weekend wrapped in seaweed at a day spa, but five minutes of self-centred bliss will do the trick! Remember, looking after yourself is not selfish!

To help you achieve bliss anytime and anywhere, here are five ways to relax in just five minutes! Come on, you know you can spare five measly minutes 🙂

  1. Have a cup of tea- and drink it out of your favourite mug (if that mug should have flowers on it, so much the better!)
  2. Sing along to your theme song- choose a song that makes you feel confident. And sing it loud!
  3. Breathe- it’s almost as effective as meditation, but not as all-consuming. Focus on your breathing, and clear your mind. In… Out… In… Out…
  4. Write it down- is your mind as cluttered as a home on hoarders? Writing down your worries can help get them out of your head, and help you order your chaotic thoughts.
  5. Stretch- this one’s simple- just streeeeeetch!

And they really do work! My commute to work, which usually takes 45 minutes, took me two hours this morning because of traffic. Needless to say, I was a bit grumpy! However, right before I got out of my car I pumped up the tunes and sang my little heart out, and then I had the most amazing stretch (I like to think of it as my impromptu yoga). I couldn’t help but smile.

A little extra happiness in just minutes. Perfect 🙂


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