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Drive Thru for Happiness!


It doesn’t take much to spread happiness and change the world! I just read this great article about a young guy named Lance who’s spreading happiness in his own special way. “Happy Lance”, as he’s been nicknamed, works at the Drive Thru window at his local McDonalds in Salmon Arm, Canada. But Lance isn’t your standard McDonalds employee- he has decided to use his position to help spread happiness, one customer at a time.

Lance laughs, smiles and cracks jokes with customers, who always leave his window with a smile on their faces. Lance is so good at what he does, a Facebook page has been created in his honor, which at last count had 840 fans! According to Lance, happiness is contagious- and at Thrive we whole heartedly agree!

This story is a great example of exactly how much one person can do to spread happiness in their own unique way. You don’t have to do much to make someone’s day- a friendly smile, a wave in traffic or a sweet text message are all great examples of little things you can do to spread happiness in our life.

Check out the article about “Happy Lance” here:



2 thoughts on “Drive Thru for Happiness!

  1. Dawn Mecer

    He’s the kind of guy who will put a smile on your face no matter what. I get so sick of monotone food service workers, and this young man totally defies the odds!

    Sharing hapiness is something so easy to do, that I used to think it wouldn’t make any difference. But this article shows me that it does.

  2. Lance Marcotte-Callas

    Hey thanks for the compliment, its amazing how a little how a little kindness makes the world a better place.

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