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What do you feel when you look around at your home or office? Does the sight of your desk give you sweaty palms, or does looking at your living room make your throat dry? Well my friend, I’m afraid that you may be suffering from clutter-induced stress!

According to author Gretchen Rubin, outer order contributes to inner calm, and many people find that de-cluttering their lives gives them a disproportionate boost to their happiness. From personal experience I can tell you there is nothing more satisfying than cleaning out your dangerously-close-to-exploding wardrobe, and seeing your clothes all fit neatly inside categorised into type and colour (when I go neat, I go all out!)

It seems simple enough, de-clutter and de-stress, but unfortunately for many of us it’s not that easy. We form an attachment to our clutter, and have trouble parting with it. Gretchen suggests that the best way to combat this, is to understand why we have clutter. Today I want you to look at the following phrases, and think of any time when you have found yourself repeating the, or something similar to justify keeping something you don’t use and don’t even particularly like?

  • Someday, I might need this
  • This thing is so useful that someday I’ll find a way to use it
  • This thing is so useful that I can’t just throw it away, but I don’t know how to get it into the hands of someone who would want it
  • This thing was a gift, so I need to keep it out of respect for the giver
  • Just wait, someday this thing will be a collector’s item!
  • I never had this thing as a child, so I want to have it as an adult
  • The more things I keep, the more I will leave my family one day
  • Going through my things stirs up my emotions, and I can’t handle that right now
  • I don’t have the time or energy to sort through my clutter to figure out what I want to keep
  • I’ve had this thing for so long; I can’t get rid of it now
  • I forgot about that thing! I never use that closet/drawer/garage so I didn’t even realize it was there.

If you’re thinking “Yep, I say that all the time!” then I’m afraid, you are a clutter-holic, and you’ll need to read my blog tomorrow to find out the best ways to de-clutter your life 😉

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