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My go to guru in happiness, Marci Shimoff, gave me another exercise to try today in order to increase my happiness. It’s called “The Daily Happiness Awards” and all you have to do is look around throughout the day with an eye to giving out awards. Marci gives some examples of noticing a beautiful flower and giving it the “Most Unusual Colour” award or the “Best Blossom of the Day” award.

I really love this exercise as it gives you the chance to be as creative as you want and it really does make you smile. For example, in the office there is this tiny little toy basketball hoop set up, so I’ve decided to award it “The Most Impractically Small Basketball Hoop” award, and there’s two big windows- one that has an uninterrupted view of the water, and one has a view of the bridge, so I’ve awarded the first “The Most Beautiful View” award, and given the latter “The Hardest Working View” award.

Marci also recommends you invite other family and friends to play the Award Game, so at the end of the day you can tell each other some of the awards you’ve given out. This is a great way to share your happiness with the people around you, and some of the awards people come up with are just great! Try the awards game exercise and let us know what you come up with. Perhaps your dog will win the “Best Welcome Party” award, or a cloud you see might win the “Best Resemblance to a Marshmallow” award? Go get creative, and be happy!

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