Ain’t Nothin’ Gonna Break My Stride

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Hello, I’m Sarah and I have recently been welcomed into the ThinkSocial team. Some would best describe me as a bit of a big kid. I like cartoons, candy and toys. Lots of toys.

Sure, I’m in my twenties, I have my shit together, I don’t live at home and I pay my own bills. But there is something privately and intrinsically attractive about having an arrested adolescence. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I find it hard to wake up each morning in a society that does not permit culture unless it is conforming to very narrow moral parameters. For example, I have this t-shirt. Actually lets call it a “sartorial gem.” Sure it’s starting to show it’s age with what, some minor holes here and there… But really, it just reinforces the adage, “what’s old is new.”  Oh yeah, did I mention it is a bright green 1990’s Ninja Turtles T-shirt? Pretty cool, huh. Well, not so cool, according to one middle aged woman walking two children around on a leash in my neighborhood. Yeah, that happened – are they part canine or something?

Populated by the usual smattering of hipsters and an elderly vanguard that has camped out in the suburb for thirty-something years, my place of residence has a bit of street cred. Some say it’s even a cauldron of cultural cool reminiscent of New York in the ’80s. But what I like about this town is it’s climate of tolerance, openness and experimentation. Well, generally anyway.

The other day I was walking around, soaking up the vibrancy of my surroundings in my sartorial gem, when out of nowhere, the homosapien-confused woman walking her children shoots me a pretty hefty judgmental sneer – we’re talking inflamed nostrils and a facial expression that suggests constipation.

A series of questions hit my immediate attention: Is my fly undone? Do I have an involuntary Hitler ‘stache on my face from my melted Snickers bar? What’s going on here? All of a sudden, the woman marches over to me – abruptly yanking her two children along in the process, and visually burns a hole through my sartorial gem. Meanwhile, I am awkwardly standing there, confused and a little alarmed. I make direct eye contact with the woman as she proceeds to tell me to “grow up,” and then walks away.

I probably should have retaliated. Perhaps even addressed the issue of her questionable desire to align her children with dog culture, where they are free to pee on the sidewalk and sniff other people on the street. But I didn’t.

There will always be people out there who don’t agree with certain things. And while, yes you do have the option to finally execute those one-syllable words of profanity in a creative manner, it’s best not to. It’s better to revisit primary school and silently revise that sticks and stones’ saying we all used to exercise with a conculsive tongue poke.

In other words, say nothing, think nothing and don’t take off the sartorial gem.

Herm Albright once said, “A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort.”

This strange experience only pushed me to sport more adolescent t-shirts and perhaps even push the boundaries with some ironic slogans. I am happy because I am me – eternally pubescent and answerable to nothing.

That’s the dream, anyway.

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