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Who we are
The Thrive Happiness Movement was formed out of a belief that inside every human being is the potential to create and experience more happiness. As a natural side effect, the happiness we create for ourselves impacts and inspire others to do the same, and on and on it will go, ultimately changing our world.

Thrive is a group of regular professionals who contribute our time and resources to inspire happiness. We are the sum of all the efforts of our team. If you want to find out more about any of our awesome contributors I recommend you check out their websites below, and use them of course!

Free Happiness, what’s the catch?
The catch is that we need your help to achieve our ridiculously optimistic goals. You can help us by contributing your time and resources to grow the movement. If you can’t do that, then we simply ask you to give generosity to a worthy charity.

What are our goals?
We believe you get more of what you give out and that everyone can be happier. Our goal is 100,000,000 happier peeps across the globe by 2015 so we need your help!
First step is to Like our Facebook page and share, share, share!

An exciting thing we’re working on is a happiness challenge that will launch in early 2013. Make sure you take part in the challenge.

How you can help?

1. Get involved. Become a Thrive contributor.
We are always looking for happy peeps that share our vision for a happier world. If you see a way that you can contribute to the movement with your professional resources then get in touch: Contact Thrive

The Sponge: www.thesponge.com.au
Co-founders, creators of the name, brand mark and concept. Branding specialist company in Sydney

2. Contribute content & Share the love
Take a look at the blog and the Facebook timeline for the types of content that we like. If you have any content that fits, then send it on over: Contact Thrive

3. Be charitable
Thrive is a movement, and in no way a charity. We don’t want or need your money, but these guys do, so if you cannot contribute anything other than money, then choose one of the charities below and donate directly to them.

Our favorite charities
World Orphan Fund: www.theworldorphanfund.org

If you have a charity you want to include here please contact us.

Luke Faccini

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